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Raymond J. Lesniak ESH Recovery High School Honors Graduates and Recognizes Recovery Advocates

Jun 29, 2023 | Press Releases | 0 comments

Jose P. receives $3,500 scholarship from the Simon Youth Foundation (James Weatherborn, Jose P., Samuel Montanez)

Scotch Plains, NJ  – The Raymond J. Lesniak ESH Recovery High School, based in Roselle, NJ, proudly celebrated its 8th annual graduation ceremony on June 14th. Established in 2014, this public high school in New Jersey provides crucial support and education to teenagers facing substance use disorder on their path to recovery. The graduation ceremony not only commemorates the accomplishments of each student but also acknowledges individuals who have made a significant impact in the recovery community. 

At the ceremony, Recovery High School graduate, Jose P., received a $3,500 scholarship from the Simon Youth Foundation presented by Andrea L. Neely, President and CEO of Simon Youth Foundation. “There was a time where I couldn’t imagine a day without using…now I know that the answer to the question was inside of me,” said Jose during his heartfelt graduation speech. “As I stand before everyone today, I can truly say that I am sober and in recovery..Thank you to all of the staff at the Recovery High School for supporting me, caring for me, and for never giving up on me even when I wanted to quit. Today I show up for myself because I am worthy of a great future.”

Pam Capaci Hero for Recovery Awardees, Deidre Stamos Lonza, LCSW, LCADC (left) and David Roden, LCSW, LCADC from New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health

Pam Capaci Hero for Recovery Awardees, Deidre Stamos Lonza, LCSW, LCADC (left) and David Roden, LCSW, LCADC from New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health

This year, the school had the privilege of presenting the prestigious Pam Capaci Hero for Recovery Award to Deidre Stamos Lonza, LCSW, LCADC, Senior Director of Operations, and David Roden, LCSW, LCADC, Vice President & COO, from New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care. The award was graciously presented by Prevention Links CEO, Morgan Thompson.

“Deidre and David have demonstrated unwavering dedication as part of one of the only adolescent residential treatment programs in the state.” said Morgan Thompson. “They have tirelessly advocated for the well-being of youth struggling with substance use disorder, ensuring they receive the support they need. We are grateful for their collaboration with the Recovery High School in educating parents and families about our program when students require additional treatment. Their commitment extends to maintaining academic consistency for our students during their treatment journey and beyond – we truly could not ask for a better partnership.”

New Hope IBHC specializes in providing withdrawal management and intensive inpatient treatment for adolescents aged 13 to 17. Their services are carefully designed to create a supportive environment where adolescents can overcome developmental challenges associated with substance use and co-occurring disorders.

One of New Hope’s key focuses is scholastic achievement. Their innovative academic programs, including virtual classrooms, have received special recognition from CARF for successfully empowering students to excel academically.

In addition to academic excellence, New Hope’s comprehensive treatment plans address medical and psychiatric care, psychological counseling, recreation, socialization, values clarification, family support, and community reintegration. By prioritizing continuing care planning and follow-up, they ensure the sustained support necessary for ongoing success beyond treatment.

From left to right: Jasmin Lee, Dr. Syreeta McClain, Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, Jose P., Andrea L. Neely, Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded, Jean Perkins, family of graduate.

“We deeply appreciate the outstanding commitment of Deidre Stamos Lonza and David Roden, who stand out as compassionate professionals providing high-quality care during a time of crisis in youth mental health.” said Dr. Syreeta McClain, the school’s principal. “Their dedication to the youth of New Jersey is truly commendable.”

The Raymond J. Lesniak Experience, Strength, and Hope Recovery High School was made possible through a unique public-private partnership between Prevention Links – one of the state’s leading non-profit organizations focused on substance use prevention, the award-winning Union County Vocational-Technical School District, and Simon Youth Academy. This comprehensive program encompasses academic success, health and wellness, recovery planning, mentorship, and family involvement.

Serving the northern region of the state, including areas outside Union County, the school provides an out-of-district placement at no cost to families. Our commitment to breaking down enrollment barriers is reflected in significantly lower tuition fees compared to other out-of-district placements.

If you or someone you know is seeking or in recovery and would benefit from a safe and supportive environment to pursue a high school diploma while continuing the journey of recovery, please contact the Raymond J. Lesniak Experience, Strength & Hope Recovery High School at 908-793-9800 ext. 3 or email smontanez@preventionlinks.org.

For more information about the Raymond J. Lesniak ESH Recovery High School, please visit our website at https://eshrecoveryschool.org or contact: 

Samuel Montanez

Phone: 908-793-9800 ext. 3

Email: smontanez@preventionlinks.org


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