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About NJ4S: Empowering Our Community, One Student at a Time

The NJ4S Union Hub, led by Prevention Links, is your local hub offering a range of services for our community.

We are here to help every student thrive, empower families, and equip school staff with effective tools. Dedicated to combating the youth mental health crisis, this hub is intently focused on serving the unique needs of Union County’s students and their families by prioritizing their voices, experiences, and needs. NJ4S aims to support the entire family, addressing both academic achievement and emotional well-being of individual students.

Pre-school teacher sitting at a table with her students doing arts and crafts.

Tier 1: Universal Prevention for K-12 Students, Families, Staff

  • Curriculum Enhancements
  • Engaging Workshops
  • Insightful Webinars
  • Impactful Assemblies
  • Effective Trainings

Focus Areas:

Mental Health, Job Readiness, Positive Relationships, Behavioral Issues, & More!

Tier 2: Evidenced-based Targeted Prevention for Grades 6-12, Families, Staff

Small-Group Interventions

Focus Areas:

Focus Areas: Substance Abuse Prevention, Sexual Health, Suicide Prevention, Anti-Bullying, Violence Prevention & More!

A mother and daughter looking at the daughter's phone in the kitchen.
A group of teens touching someone's hand in a comforting gesture.

Tier 3: Assessment and Brief Clinical Interventions for Grades 6-12, Families, Staff

  • Assessment & Individualized Clinical Interventions
  • In-Person or Telehealth Services


Short-term mental health services and a pathway to long-term treatment. We provide immediate support while you wait.

Make Your Voice Heard!

What do you think our students, parents, and staff need to create a healthier and happier Union County? If you’re interested in helping shape the NJ4S Union Hub efforts, please send your feedback to us at: NJ4SUnion@preventionlinks.org


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NJ Statewide Student Support Service (NJ4S) Network

Our hub is part of the NJ4S initiative, a statewide program aimed at supporting the well-being of school-aged youth and their families across New Jersey. Managed at the state level by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), the initiative is structured to provide a network of “Hubs” and “Spokes,” where each Hub serves as a regional center for expertise and staffing, while Spokes are the sites where various programs and services are actually delivered. The goal is to create a seamless and universally accessible system of services that are evidence-based, culturally responsive, and consistent across the entire state.

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Prevention Links relies on grants and supporters like you to carry out our mission. With your help, we can continue fostering, empowering, and sustaining healthy communities. With your help, we can continue building towards the brighter future our communities we all deserve.