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About Us

Prevention Links is a private, non-profit organization. With community being defined as any environment where people live, work, or learn, the goal of Prevention Links is to pull together all available resources to eliminate the deleterious effects of drugs, alcohol, violence, and inadequate educational and health institutions in our communities

Our mission is to foster healthy sustainable communities by empowering people through education, collaboration and by serving as the linkage to resources.

Prevention Links, established in 1971, has an extensive history of providing science-based prevention programs that introduce and reinforce the skills necessary for youth to make good choices; to strengthen families; and, to train community members in best practice strategies to delay or prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

Our work focuses on identifying and enhancing existing strengths within the individual, family, school, and work setting to serve as the first and most valuable resource in sustainable revitalization of all types of community.

Through implementing training programs and evidence-based strategies;

using practices and programs that are outcome-based;

and inviting community members to express their needs and the best ways to meet them,

we empower all segments of the community to be actively engaged in changing their environments.

What is Prevention; how do you know it is effective; and why should you support it?

Prevention teaches our children healthy decision making skills. It teaches our children to identify their internal strengths in order to stay on course and mature into healthy adults. Prevention teaches parents and community members the most effective skills available to foster this development. Prevention is a learning process in which success is measured every time our children have the tools it takes to make the right choice. 

Our Comprehensive Approach

Community Prevention

For over fifty years, Prevention Links has been delivering evidence-based prevention programs for individuals across the lifespan.

Coupled with environmental strategies that decrease risk and increase resilience, in addition to community coalitions to inform our approach, these programs foster prevention-prepared communities ready to combat stigma surrounding substance use.

Family Success

In partnership with the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Prevention Links serves as the host agency for five Family Success Centers in the Region. These are local, home-like environments where families can come together to engage in activities that increase resilience and promote connection with each other.

Family Success Centers prevent crisis before it can begin, providing happier childhoods, which leads to brighter futures.

Recovery Support

Prevention Links provides individualized support services in which peer mentors in stable recovery assist people at any stage of recovery to: meet basic needs like having secure housing, healthcare, and food security; build a community of supportive friends & mentors; discover a recovery pathway that supports their unique needs; and other services that help them to build a solid foundation to thrive in the community.

By meeting people where they are and providing multiple pathways to recovery at no cost, we make healing and growth more accessible to anyone who needs it.

Recovery Community Development

Prevention Links empowers local and statewide communities of recovery to transform systems and services, to widen the doorways of recovery, and assure resources to enhance the quality of long-term recovery.

Prevention Links provides assistance to individuals facing substance use disorder get connected with industry valued certifications, job trainings, and long-term employment. Individuals are connected back to their communities to thrive in their recovery journey.

Want to get involved in statewide recovery community development initiatives? Visit the New Jersey Coalition for Addiction Recovery Support (NJ-CARS) website at nj-cars.org

Join Us in Building Towards a Brighter Future.

Prevention Links relies on grants and supporters like you to carry out our mission. With your help, we can continue fostering, empowering, and sustaining healthy communities. With your help, we can continue building towards the brighter future we all deserve.