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Fostering healthier & happier families for healthier & happier communities.

Healthy families serve as the cornerstone for healthy communities.

At Prevention Links, we understand the essential role of the family in building resiliency. We believe that our young people possess an intrinsic desire to achieve. That’s why we operate five Family Success Centers (FSCs) to help strengthen families and empower them to be the change in their communities.

What are Family Success Centers (FSCs)?

FSCs are community-based neighborhood gathering places where any community resident can go for support, information and services. Individuals and families can participate in a variety of free programs, activities and workshops each month, covering topics like; parenting, health, housing, life skills and employment.

Family Success Center Values


Family Success Centers are collaborative in their approach, offering many volunteer opportunities for local residents to serve as mentors and decision-makers.

Community Involvement

Family Success Centers foster community involvement and shared responsibility. Local residents, business owners, and social service providers who understand the needs of the community can influence the development and implementation of services by participating in the Participant Advisory Board.

Embracing Diversity

Family Success Centers affirm and strengthen cultural identity and diversity. FSC staff represent the culture, ethnicity, and makeup of the community.

Strengthening Families Events

In keeping with our overarching goal to prevent child abuse and neglect by focusing on primary prevention our family success centers conduct a Strengthening Families event during the month of April. The purpose of the event is to promote community education and public awareness regarding the importance of positive child development, child health, parenting, safety and the prevention of child maltreatment. These events vary in scope and topic and may include activities such as, resource fairs, conferences, workshops and focus groups. 

Contact your local center to learn more about the great resources and activities that your community has to offer!


Our Family Success Centers are part of the NJ Family Success Center Network through the Office of Family Support Services at the Department of Children and Family Services. The network provides technical assistance, training and peer development opportunities that focus on maintaining the integrity of the model and supporting providers and staff in each community.

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