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  • Foster, Empower, Sustain.

Our Mission

Fostering healthy, sustainable communities by empowering people through education, collaboration and by serving as the linkage to resources.

Who We Help

Any person, family and community that needs us. By providing and connecting people to vital health & educational resources, we combat the negative impacts of drugs, violence, and inadequate educational and health institutions in our communities.

What Sets Us Apart

A combination of genetic, environmental, and developmental factors influences risk for addiction which is why we address all three. We set ourselves apart by approaching prevention and addiction efforts holistically, addressing each individual’s, family’s & community’s needs at every age and every stage of life using evidence-based strategies that work.

Our services both tackle root causes of addiction to prevent it, and fight addiction by widening the doorway to recovery.

At Prevention Links, we leverage the strengths of our communities to empower individuals and families in leading their best & healthiest lives. Every day, we build links to brighter futures.

In the coming year, we are committed to making Prevention Links a household name in the counties we serve. We look forward to expanding our Harm Reduction services, school-based prevention education, state-wide recovery support, and youth clinical mental health services.

We need your help to make sure that every person who needs a helping hand can reach us in their time of need. I invite you to join us in our mission to foster healthy, sustainable communities and brighter futures.

Morgan Thompson (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer

Our Impact.


community members served –

one child, one family, one community – at a time.

students participated in the Safe Dates program to prevent dating violence

students received the vaping prevention "Don't Get Vaped In" curriculum

senior citizens participated in our senior health & wellness education program

families with young children graduated from one of our parenting/family programs

families received free holiday meals during the holiday season

boxes of nutritious groceries were delivered to community members

From the first day we went to Elizabethport Community Center, they have made my children and me feel like family…I loved it so much, I became I volunteer. They go out of their way to help every family. The center has something for everyone, from the senior program, to the drug free program, to the community partner meetings (which are so informative.)

They even helped me create my own meaningful walk for my daughter to raise suicide awareness. I appreciate them all so much! I am thankful for this center being there, it is a blessing to all who have found it.

-Mom from E-Port Community Center

parents attended our parent education workshops to increase family wellness

children attended our 78 sessions of homework club

fully supplied backpacks were distributed to children in the community

items like baby supplies, winter coats, eyeglasses and more provided to 816 children, families & community members

attendees participated in one of our 255 child-parent bonding activities.

health events and activities hosted, providing 1,909 community members with vital health & wellness information

…When I first became involved at Greenway Family Success Center, Christina Armstrong was the first person I met. She had gone above and beyond to help me and my family with any and everything we could have possibly needed.

I could call her for anything, and if she didn’t know the answer or a resource off the top of her head, I always would get a phone call directly from her shortly after and without fail, she would always have a solution to my problem(s). I could ALWAYS count on her.

As time went on I met other employees and much to my surprise, they all had the same drive to help people not because it was their job but because they truly cared. I couldn’t think of a better name because not only do they help families thrive and succeed, but they themselves make you feel like family. Finding them was one of the absolute best things that has ever happened to me.

-Jennifer V.

individuals provided with free recovery services

families provided with family addiction recovery support

free social, educational, and wellness events/groups for the recovery community

mutual aid meetings, offering multiple pathways to addiction recovery

individuals attended and completed the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy training to become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS).

hours or more of one on one peer recovery support provided to our participants

Rise Up Recovery Center’s SMART Recovery Meeting was one of the first meetings I attended when I came out of Detox. I’ve been attending regularly ever since and find the dialogue and tools to be a wonderful way to stay focused. I’ve learned in my recovery that regular meeting attendance is critical to staying sober. What’s great is the camaraderie within the group and that we all have the common issue of addiction and discuss it openly.


I participated in this program to support young people in recovery. It is so important to be a part of a community and know you are not alone during a big transition of your life. This program has given me many amazing friends and a safe space to go. I have people I can relate to on a deeper level and we can be sober and have fun doing it.


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