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Preventing addiction, supporting recovery, & strengthening families in NJ. 


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If you or a loved one need help finding addiction recovery support, call our 24/7 hotline. We’re here to help, free of charge.


See our calendar to find a list of the different addiction recovery support meetings & other events we offer.


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Our communities deserve to see a Brighter Future ahead of them.

With community being defined as any environment where people live, work, or learn, the goal of Prevention Links is to pull together all available resources to eliminate the deleterious effects of drugs, alcohol, violence, and inadequate educational and health institutions in our communities.

Our mission is to foster healthy sustainable communities by empowering people through education, collaboration and by serving as the linkage to resources. 

Community Prevention

Addiction and other health issues can be stopped before they start. Here’s how we’re preventing crisis in your community.


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Recovery Support

Recovery is for everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community. We’re helping individuals and families by providing free addiction recovery support and connecting them to vital resources.


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Family Success

Healthy & happy families are the cornerstone of a healthy & happy community. Learn more about how we’re strengthening families and communities through our Family Success Centers.


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Why support addiction prevention and recovery?

Prevention teaches our children healthy decision making skills. It teaches our children to identify their internal strengths in order to stay on course and mature into healthy adults. Prevention teaches parents and community members the most effective skills available to foster this development. Prevention is a learning process in which success is measured every time our children have the tools it takes to make the right choice.


Addiction is a public health crisis.

THOUSAND people die of overdoses in the U.S. each year. (CDC)


of the 126,582 New Jersey residents in need of addiction treatment never receive it. (DMHAS)

THOUSAND 12- to 17-year-olds in New Jersey report using drugs in the last month. (NCADS)

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Prevention Links relies on grants and supporters like you to carry out our mission. With your help, we can continue fostering, empowering, and sustaining healthy communities. With your help, we can continue building towards the brighter future we all deserve.