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The Experience, Strength, and Hope Recovery Center offers community supports that inspire, motivate, and guide young people in developing confidence, friendships, and purpose in their early recovery from drugs and alcohol. Our programs include a variety of educational and recreational opportunities tailored to supporting 15-24 year olds in recovery, their families, and other loved ones.

Recovery Planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our recovery mentors meet with you one on one to figure out what your goals are in all of the most important areas of your life and help you create a plan to achieve those goals.

Mentorship. We all need role models to help us maximize our potential. A recovery mentor can be your bridge to the recovery community and help you find out who and what helps you to stay clean and sober. You can also have fun and explore new hobbies together in the process.

Fun in Recovery. One of the most important aspects to a lifestyle of recovery is learning how to have fun drug and alcohol free. The only way that will happen is by trying new things. At ESH Recovery Center, we have events at our location and weekend trips to theme parks, the beach, recovery events, and more. Find out where what we’re doing this month by checking out our calendar of events.

Support Meetings. No matter how addiction has impacted your life, you don’t have to recover alone. Support meetings are an opportunity to meet others who are at varying stages of the journey and to give and receive help. Check out our calendar of events to find out more!

Educational Workshops. Free educational workshops are provided on a regular basis to help you learn skills and information that will help you thrive in recovery. These include topics like resume writing, financial literacy, college applications, health and wellness, and much more.

Sober Intramural Sports. Get active in your recovery by participating in one of our intramural sports teams! We offer different sports based on the time of year. Not only is this a great way to stay active and fill your time in positive ways, but you also get the experience of being part of a team—and engaging in some healthy competition!

Family Support. At ESH Recovery Center, we provide family support, coaching, and education on a weekly basis to help families learn how to better support their loved ones in recovery. Recovery outcomes improve when families are and active and supportive part of the recovery process.

Referrals & Case Management. Sometimes you need some additional support to make progress in your recovery. Our team at ESH Recovery Center can connect you with the right supports in the community and be a hub of communication for your support team.

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