VOTE For Your Favorite 2023 My Anti-Drug Posters!

As part of our 25th Annual Red Ribbon Day Drug festivities, we invite all Union County 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade school students to participate and creatively present their anti-drug through art. Our local contest is part of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign conducted by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the United States. Union County Schools may register at the beginning of each school year and the winners are presented at our annual Red Ribbon Day event in October.

Students are asked to create a poster describing what they choose to do instead of drugs. This can include things such as sports, family, and hobbies. Posters will be judged strictly on originality and creativeness, not on artistic ability.

Three finalists from each grade level will be chosen to participate in an online voting contest that will help determine the winner(s) of each grade level. Poster Contest winners will then be announced at the in person 25th Annual Union County Red Ribbon Day on October 21st, 2023. Finalists will receive their gift card prize at the walk during the formal ceremony.


Voting is closed! See the winning posters below.

Fifth Grade

Don't Draw Drugs Into Your Life

Don’t Do Drugs Just Dance

by Bella
Deerfield School, Mountainside

Strum Away Drugs

Smash Away Drugs

by Jacob
Lincoln School, Garwood


Paint Away Drugs

Say No to Drugs

by Maidelyn
Nicholas S. LaCorte Peterstown School 3, Elizabeth

Sixth Grade

My Anti Drugs Are Playing and Watching Basketball

Don’t Huff! Don’t Puff! Stay away from that stuff!

by Aubrey
Franklin School, Rahway


Cook Your Way Out of Drugs

Baking Is My Anti-Drug

by Hailee
Roselle Park Middle School, Roselle Park

Drawing Instead of Drugs

My Anti-Drug is Nature

by Nerya
Roselle Park Middle School, Roselle Park

Seventh Grade

What's My Anti-Drug

Pugs Not Drugs

by Dakota
Roselle Park Middle School, Roselle Park

No to Drugs

I Draw Away From Drugs

by Vicky
Deerfield School, Mountainside

Choose Hugs not Drugs

My Anti-Drug is Be Creative

by David
Roselle Park Middle School, Roselle Park


Eigth Grade

Splash Drugs Away

Play Music Not Drugs

by Bridget
Deerfield School, Mountainside

Tune Away from the Drugs

Don’t Get High, Go Up

by Sofia
Deerfield School, Mountainside

Ride Away from Drugs

Paint Away Pressure

by Veronica
Deerfield School, Mountainside