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Foster, Empower, Sustain.

You're our Link to a Brighter Future.

Join us in building towards the Brighter Future our communities deserve.


What does it mean to be a Link to a Brighter Future?

For us, it means believing with certainty in the ability of our communities to strengthen themselves through the power of resilience, empowerment, and support. We know how incredible our communities already are, and we leverage their strengths to brighten the futures ahead of them. We know prevention works and we know addiction recovery is possible.

Know that by joining us today, your contribution will provide opportunity and hope for the brighter future we all deserve.

Everyone Knows Someone…Help Prevent the Next One.

We use this phrase often, but what does it mean? From our own personal experiences, many of us at Prevention Links know the tragedy that addiction & substance misuse can bring upon communities. You may have lost somebody to an overdose. You may have lost somebody special to you in a drunk driving accident. You or someone you know like a friend or colleague may have a loved one struggling with addiction. And maybe, you’ve witnessed the sorrow brought upon a family who lost their child too young while experimenting with alcohol or other drugs.

These tragedies are preventable – we know this because we see prevention & recovery in action every day. 

Don’t Let Stigma Stand in the Way of Your Support.

All too often, the topic of substance use and addiction get swept under the rug because of stigma. Research tells us that the stigma surrounding addiction is pervasive in our society, and is rooted in the belief that addiction is a personal choice which shows a lack of willpower and a moral failing. This stigma reaches across the general public, professional settings, and even healthcare settings. Addiction is a public health crisis, and people & their families deserve to get the help they need to heal.

With nearly 1 million Americans lost to overdose between 1999 and 2022 (CDC), we cannot afford to let stigma stand in the way any longer. Join us in preventing these needless deaths happening in New Jersey every day.