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Safe Disposal Initiatives

It’s easy to forget about the unused pain killers sitting in your medicine cabinet after a dental procedure. But leaving these dangerous medications in your home when they are not needed is an unnecessary risk. That is why there are safe disposal sites around Union County where you can get rid of your unused medications.

Union County Medication Disposal Locations

The Health and Wellness Coalition of Union County (HAWC) has a number of targeted outreach campaigns that provide information about responsible medication disposal and prescription drop box locations. These include:


  • Pharmacies. Many community members who are prescribed these medications are unaware of the dangers, as well as of how to dispose of these medications if they are not used. We work with local pharmacists to make this important education a standard part of the prescription pick up process.
  • Veterinarians. Oftentimes, medications prescribed to our pets when they are ill or injured are of the same type and potency as human medicines, and have the same potential for abuse. We also educate veterinarians about the addictive nature of these medications for pet owners and how to proceed if they suspect a client is abusing medications prescribed to their pet.
  • Funeral homes. After a loved one has passed, the last thing a family is likely to think of is how to dispose of medications that may have been in their possession at the time of their passing. We make it easy for families to take the important step of disposing of those medications by equipping funeral directors with information about safe disposal and drop off locations.

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