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A Seed Was Planted: Ms. Flowers’ Recovery Story

Jun 27, 2022 | Success Stories | 0 comments

To keep participant information confidential, this participant will be referred to as Ms. Flowers

A seed was planted when Ms. Flowers first called the Union County Helping Hands 365 hotline in 2021. One of our peer recovery specialists answered her call and listened as she explained that she was struggling with her drug use. Ms. Flowers also had a child who she loved dearly, but only had limited visitation and was determined to change that. 

As she spoke to the peer recovery specialist, it was clear that she knew she had to make a change to achieve the life she wanted and reunite with her daughter. There were times where Ms. Flowers was able to achieve her goal of abstinence, but often found herself going into a dark mental place, catapulting her back into the cycle of using drugs to cope. This cycle is common for most people who struggle with addiction. In fact, many of our peer recovery specialists at one point found themselves in the very same situation, and use that experience to help others. 

Ms. Flowers shows us that recovery is possible.

Ms. Flowers continued to struggle with reaching her recovery goals, but the UCHH 365 peers stood by her, reaching out weekly and providing compassionate support the whole way. Peers understand that recovery isn’t a linear process and never lose hope for those who seek help. After all, many peer support workers were once helped by someone like themselves. After envisioning the life she wanted for herself, Ms. Flowers chose to pursue a recovery pathway that would support her goals – and she didn’t look back.

Through the UCHH 365 program, Ms. Flowers was referred to an intensive outpatient program for her substance use, the Department of Social Services to get a proper photo ID, and to a food pantry at the local church. All of these fulfilled basic needs which help make recovery possible. Not only did her peer help her get connected to needed resources, but also made sure to remind her that she was never alone despite the struggles she faced along the way – and we are sure glad they did!

Today, Ms. Flowers is living the life she chose. Through her own perseverance, determination, and a helping hand, she is now living a sober life and is fully employed. Most importantly, she now has custody of her child and can be the mother she always strived to be.

Ms. Flowers is a testament to the growth which can be achieved through compassionate peer support and a willingness to receive it.  A seed was planted and bloomed into the life she now participates in every day, and it all started with a phone call.

Recovery is possible with a helping hand. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we are here to help. You can get in touch with one of our recovery support specialists 24/7 by calling the Union County Helping Hands 365 Hotline at 1-855-825-3275 or email us at recoverysupport@preventionlinks.org

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