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Recovery High School

Recovery High School


The Raymond Lesniak ESH Recovery High School’s mission is to a provide high-quality educational, enrichment, and recovery support program that offers a safe, sober and supportive school environment where students and their recovery efforts are understood, valued and fostered.


To eliminate the academic achievement gap for Union County Youth in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.


Embracing an “It Takes A Village” philosophy, Prevention Links is excited to highlight our efforts to open the Raymond Lesniak ESH Recovery High School that will provide:


  • In- school recovery supports programming including peer to peer support groups.
  • 12 Steps programs and individual and/or family counseling.
  • Before- and after-school programs build on classroom experiences and help students expand their horizons, contribute to their communities and have fun.
  • Family support centers strengthen parent involvement, parent education and leadership development, and provide crisis assistance, child care and housing assistance.
  • Opportunity for parents and community residents to participate in adult education and job training programs.


Will convene multiply partners to integrate a Recovery High School in order to: 

  • Reduce the relapse rate amongst Union County Youth returning to the community after substance abuse treatment.
  • Support parental and community involvement and provide opportunities for literacy and related educational development to the families of participating youth.
  • To establish a set of Best Practices in order to create a replicable model for New Jersey.

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