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Mr. N came to the Success Center primarily to enroll in the Active Parenting Class: “Padres 1,2,3,4”; He hoped to add parenting skills to his parenting tool belt; Mr. N. wanted to do everything possible to gain full custody of his son. During his time in the class Mr. N. put on his best efforts into action to complete the class successfully in spite of the many challenges he had. One of those challenges was Mr. N worked the overnight shift. In spite of him being tired he was always on time. In addition to this, at the place where he worked there was a construction site accident that forced him to relocate to another facility further away from home. This incident made Mr. N’s completion of the class even more challenging as he would mostly rely on public transportation or his bicycle. Mr. N would sometimes ride his bicycle up to 5 miles from his home to the success center. In spite of all the challenges Mr. N faced to attend class, he made an effort to attend class and to stay present and participate. When Mr. N received his certificate of completion he was very happy and expressed gratitude for the many skills he had learned in the class.
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Mr. E. came to the PFSC looking for volunteering opportunities. He found out about the PFSC through other volunteers at the Union City high school. Mr. E. is a regular HW Club volunteer on Mondays and Thursdays. He has expressed that it is very important for him to volunteer on these days because, it has helped him develop his confidence when interacting with his peers. “This has been a learning opportunity for myself,” E. expressed. “I have been able to practice my communication skills, while helping the children with their homework and this has helped me a lot.” Because of this great achievement, the Palisades Family Success Centers highlights the effort and perseverance that Mr. E has demonstrated!
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